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Diamond starlight multilayer women's necklace

Diamond starlight multilayer women's necklace

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Style: Korean style/Korean style
Material: Alloy
Treatment process: electroplating
Type: Necklace
Style: Women's
Modeling: geometric
Packaging: Individually packed
Place of Origin: Zhejiang
Chain style: round bead chain
Extension chain: 10cm or less
Pendant material: alloy
Circumference: 21cm (inclusive)-50cm (inclusive)
Series: Popular in Europe and America
Image: Europe and America
1. Try to avoid direct contact with water, sweat, perfume, soap, detergent, etc., to avoid fading or rot.
Eclipse damage.
2. Avoid long-term exposure to humid air or places where strong sunlight can directly shine, and prevent metal surface parts
Contact with air causes oxidation and darkening.
3. Be careful when storing, try to store it in a separate box or soft flannel bag, and don't overlap the jewelry.
4. Jewelry should be changed frequently, and it is better to avoid wearing the same kind of jewelry for a long time, so it is best to prepare a few more accessories
The products take turns to be worn.

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