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Mini pearl bracelet

Mini pearl bracelet

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Pearl classification: freshwater pearl
Shape: round
Color classification: 15 + 2 cm extension chain 16 + 2 cm extension chain 17 + 2 cm extension chain 18 + 2 cm extension chain [Buy 1.5-2 cm larger than the net hand circumference]
Mosaic material: other precious metals
Mosaic style: bracelet / anklet
Pearl diameter: 4-5mm

14K gold-clad material: The gold layer is pressed onto the inner core through a special process (the inner core is basically copper-based), and the gold content must be above 5% according to requirements.
* Wear jewelry after makeup, remove jewelry first when you go home. Do not touch chemicals such as perfumes, cosmetics, bath liquids, hand sanitizers, which will corrode jewelry *
* It is best to wash with detergent after each or every other wear, and the fingers are gentle. Especially in summer, if you sweat a lot and your body has a strong secretion of oil, it is recommended to clean it in time. Do not wait until the oxidation becomes dark before cleaning.
* After cleaning, be sure to dry it completely [hang it up and let it dry by natural wind after drying], put it in the enclosed sealed bag for storage
(Usually maintain more often, please wash with detergent and dry it to restore the light.)


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