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Natural stone pendant Life Tree Necklace

Natural stone pendant Life Tree Necklace

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Pendant size: approximately 3.8 x 2.7 x 0.7cm
Chain length: About 45cm
Net weight: About 11g (pendant), 13g (necklace)
Natural stones: white crystal, powdery crystal, black agate, red stone, tiger's eye stone, blue sandstone, bluestone, green Dongling, lapis lazuli, amethyst
Unnatural stones: Opal, turquoise, turquoise
Hardware color: white plated K

A: White crystal-F044-White-Crystal
B: White Turquoise-F044-WhiteTurquoise
C: Opal-F044-Opal
D: pink crystal-F044-Rose-Quartz
E: Black Agate-F044-Black-Agate
F: Redstone-F044-Red-Jasper
G: Tiger Eye-F044-Tiger-Eye
H: Blue-Sand-F044-Blue-Sand
I: Blue Turquoise-F832-Blue-Pendant
J: Blue Stone-F044-Sodalite
K: Green Aventurine-F044-Aventurine
L: Turquoise-F832-Turquoise-Pend
M: Lapis Lazuli-F044-Lapis-Lazuli
N: Amethyst-F044-Amethyst
O: White crystal belt chain-F044-White-Crystal+Chain
P: White Turquoise Belt Chain-F044-WhiteTurquoise+Chain
Q: Opal belt chain-F044-Opal+Chain
R: Pink crystal belt chain-F044-Rose-Quartz+Chain
S: Black Agate Belt Chain-F044-Black-Agate+Chain
T: Redstone belt chain-F044-Red-Jasper+Chain
U: Tiger Eye Stone Belt Chain-F044-Tiger-Eye+Chain
V: Blue sandstone belt chain-F044-Blue-Sand+Chain
W: Blue Turquoise Belt Chain-F044-BlueTurquoise+Chain
X: Blue Stone Belt Chain-F044-Sodalite+Chain
Y: Green Aventurine Belt Chain-F044-Aventurine+Chain
Z: Turquoise Belt Chain-F044-Turquoise+Chain
ZZ: Lapis Lazuli Belt Chain-F044-Lapis-Lazuli+Chain
ZZZ: Amethyst Belt Chain-F044-Amethyst+Chain

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