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Old Jewelry Hook Line With Line Ring

Old Jewelry Hook Line With Line Ring

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Product information:
Type: ring
Material: plain silver
Style: Vintage
Modeling: Animal/Zodiac
Style: Unisex
Inlaid material: not inlaid
Series: Animal Series
Image: Peacock
Color: No. 1 plain silver peacock, No. 1 golden peacock, No. 1 silver peacock, No. 1 dumb golden peacock, No. 1 ancient golden peacock, No. 1 colorful peacock, colorful koi, colorful phoenix, new small Phoenix hook ring, cat Hook line plain silver, Phoenix plain silver, like a fish in the water, southern red peacock, diamond-studded peacock, No. 2 peacock ancient silver, No. 3 peacock ancient silver, No. 3 peacock color, South red peacock color
Size: Adjustable opening

1: No. 1 plain silver peacock
2: No. 1 golden peacock
3: No. 1 silver peacock
4: No. 1 dumb golden peacock
5: No. 1 ancient golden peacock
6: No. 1 colorful peacock
7: Colorful Koi
8: Colorful Phoenix
9: The new little phoenix hook line ring
10: Cat hook line plain silver
11: Phoenix prime silver
12: Like a fish in water
13: Southern Red Peacock
14: Diamond-studded peacock
15: No. 2 peacock ancient silver
16: No. 3 peacock ancient silver
17: No. 3 peacock color
18: Southern Red Peacock Color

Packing list:
Silver ring x1

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