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Heart-shaped Heart Zircon Crystal Diamond Bracelet

Heart-shaped Heart Zircon Crystal Diamond Bracelet

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Surrounded by three blue crystals
Each love heart shining and moving, represents love for you, which will never change!
Just like the sea of love, it has a beautiful longing for love.
That drop of affectionate tears hidden in the deep sea,
What brings is a kind of touch and hope.
Suitable for you who are pure and intellectual.
Transparent diamonds with vivid deep blue are rare treasures.
The meaning of "HOPE" is the meaning of hope.
She is not only beautiful in blue, but also reflects the deep and blurred light.


Material: Alloy 

Processing: Plating 

Category: Bracelet 

Style: women's style 

Modeling: heart shape 

Health function: beautiful 

Mosaic material: not inlaid

Package Content:
 1*Gem bracelet

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