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14K Gold Natural Pearl Bracelet

14K Gold Natural Pearl Bracelet

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Chain length

Pearl classification: freshwater pearl
Shape: round
Size classification: Chain length 16 cm [suitable for hand size 13.5cm] Chain length 16.5 cm [suitable for hand size 14cm] Chain length 17 cm [suitable for hand size 14.5cm] Chain length 17.5 cm [suitable for hand size 15cm] Chain length 18 cm [ Suitable for net hand circumference 15.5cm] Chain length 18.5 cm [suitable net hand circumference 16cm] Chain length 19 cm [suitable net hand circumference 16.5cm]
Mosaic material: other precious metal inlay
Style: bracelet / anklet

1. The accessories are imported from the United States in 14K gold [not gold-plated or alloy, or 5% gold content]

2. The bracelet is hypoallergenic

3. The 14K gold does not fade and can be touched with water.

4. The color of the gold pieces is light gold, fashionable

5. The maintenance method is very simple: if it is found to be oxidized, wash it with dishwashing detergent or toothpaste.

6. 14K gold package is cost-effective, really good quality and low price

7. Chain length: net hand circumference + 2.5cm, it just won't be too loose or too tight

8. Natural freshwater pearls for pearls, 5.5-6mm near perfect round version, pearl white penetrating fine powder, flawless.

Although it is not perfectly round, the fullness is good, and each regularity is good

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